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Conventional manure

At our manure processing plant, the following types of manure (solid fraction) are supplied and used in compost production to create an optimal, homogeneous soil improver:

  • Poultry manure
  • Pig manure
  • Goat manure

Composting manure

With its own fleet of vehicles, Eraspo collects manure and hygenises and processes this manure at its own facilities. In addition to poultry, pig and goat manure Eraspo also collects cattle manure and manure produced by layers. Organic manure may also be collected.

The composting process stabilises the organic matter in the manure and destroys the pathogens and weed seeds during a process that heats the material to a minimum of 70°C for at least one hour. The water in the material evaporates and causes the mass and volume to shrink, leaving behind a dry, homogenous end product. Depending on the specific NPK demand of the soil, nutrients can be added to the product.

The composting plant of Eraspo is approved according to Regulation EC 1069/2009 and registered under number NL7348 EEC/CEE.

SKAL certified fertilisers

Eraspo is recognised by SKAL as a fertiliser intermediary. More information about the conditions that our compost complies with can be found on the SKAL website.

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